Anne has announced that Mageia 4 is now available just on time for Fosdem !

I updated all the computers at home without any trouble (two under GnomeShell, one under KDE, and the last one now under Cinnamon).

We did a full review of the Python stack, now Mageia provide byte compiledPython modules, and as you can see in the Mageia Applications Database, here there are a lot of new Python and Python 3 modules.

I'm also really happy that Bruno packaged Ansible my favorite IT automation tool, with aurpmi module.

Mageia have also new scientific, engineering softwares like OpenFoam, Su2,Paraview, ...

For the next months, I will try to give more time to the Security team tohelp them for security updates, and also the Sysadmin team to work on an Mageiaversion of the Fedora tool fedmsg , because it seems we need somthting like that for our infrastructure.

Thanks again, all Mageia's contributors !