It's official now, I'm the maintainer of Firebird packages for Fedora and Epel (Centos and RHEL packages) and Firebird packages get pushed into Fedora repositories.

The good news for Firebird users is that they can get Firebird 2.1.2 from Fedora official repositories.

Flamerobin and Kinterbasdb (the Python driver for Firebird) will follow soon, as the PHP module.

The "bad" news is that it give me some more work, and I will have to resolved the futur bugs if they are some (and I guess there will be since I rewrote a new spec file). I'm not used to, as a Q/A team member of the Firebird project, I'm more used to check and raise bugs than solving them ;)

Stop kidding, I did not used Fedora before (usualy I use Mandriva and Debian), but I'm proud to become a member of this community, working with them is pleasant, and I learned a lot doing that.

So I'll try to do my best for all Firebird, Fedora, Centos users.