yesterday I received this notification :

Hello packager,
This is just FYI.  Your package was checked in in distribution"stable"
here is the log from ci_new_pac /work/src/done/STABLE/firebird -> stable

So, good news for Firebird and OpenSuse users, Firebird package will be in official repository for new OpenSuse 11.2

For people wanting to test it, it is in the Factory repository(

zypper info firebird
Dépot: openSUSE Factory (OSS)
Nom: firebird
Arch: i586
Fabricant: openSUSE
Installé: Non
État: non installée
Taille une fois installé : 3,4 M
Résumé: SQL relational database management system
Description:This package contains common files between
firebird-classic and firebird-superserver.
You will need this if you want to use either one.