May, 20th in the opensuse packaging mailing list, Michal Marek posted the following :

We have a firebird (the opensource SQLdatabase) package in the server:database buildservice project ( ).Unfortunately, this package isn't maintained since some time, which is a pity,because the server:database repository is offered as a community repository inYaST and is advertised as the "Latest updates for database software includingFirebird and MySQL".

Since I helped Mandriva to do their packages for Firebird, I jumped and with Michal, we made things happen

Users of Opensuse 10.0,10.1,10.3 and future 11.0 but also SLE 10 can now just use the server:database repository  and get Firebird 2.0.4

As soon as the Firebird Project will publish Firebird 2.1.1, packages will be there too.

It was a pleasure to work with Michal for that, and gave me the opportunity to try Open Suse.