Mageia 1 is there :

It is a community driven project and a Firebird friendly distribution with Firebird 2.5.0, PHP, PHP-pdo, Perl, Ruby drivers, Rails adapter, Flamerobin, and Python drivers (kinterbasdb and firebirdsql).

I'm really happy to have now Mageia on my computer, and being one of the packagers.

For people wanting to use Firebird under Gnu/Linux, Mageia can be a really good choice.

The community is active, and in next months will decide what will be the future. Like Firebird, Mageia organisation is community-driven; no commercial management can dictate the path Mageia will take.

Download it, try it !


Some friends of mine created  Hupstream  a company providing commercial services (like IBphoenix for Firebird) with or around Mageia software, tools or project .

So you can imagine Firebird under Mageia with professional support with IBPhoenix and Hupstream if you want !